Streaming Everything With Subsonic

Before I get into Sindre Mehus’ Subsonic, I’ll just say that it would be complete if it had DLNA functionality. I know, I want it all!

Otherwise, Subsonic is almost complete as a media streamer / jukebox. Stream your music and movies locally, or to the ‘ternets. Download podcasts. Stream your music to multiple devices (workstations, laptops, iPhone and Android). The choice is yours. You can also control Subsonic from your phone with the Subsonic Android App (or iPhone if that’s your bag).

Subsonic is designed to handle massive collections, so the no frills and streamlined interface is a big plus. When you’re dealing with a large library, the last thing you want is a clunky interface (hi Amarok).

And that’s pretty much it. Note that there are video streaming features which you can unlock by donating to the developer. It’s a pretty tight package, so it may be worth it to do so. I’ve got Subsonic running on my Debian server (it’s available for Ubuntu, Mac and Windows too) and it’s not CPU intensive at all.

Here’s a screen shot from Subsonic’s website:

subsonic 4.6 screenshot


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