Why Critics Can’t Stop the Popularity of Online Blackjack

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You may have come across some bad press recently regarding the use of sexual themes to encourage gamblers to play online blackjack. Indeed, sex sells, and this is hardly anything new to today’s gambling marketers – whether it’s online or even land-based casinos, the appeal of a scantily clad female is the perfect incentive for today’s gambling target market. You only have to look at the questionably-dressed females in Las Vegas casinos to work that one out.

Of course, using these risqué themes in today’s gambling scene might put off some punters, there’s little that can be done to stop the meteoric rise in popularity of online blackjack. In particular, RiverBelleCasino.com/ca has enjoyed consistently increasing visitors, largely thanks to the prevalence of mobile gaming available today. The popularity of online casinos has only really grown in the last ten years, but within the last five, smartphones and tablets have given players the ability to gamble wherever they are, be it in the comfort of their own homes using Wi Fi or connecting to 4G while on their daily commute.

Mobile access isn’t the only bonus of online blackjack – the other benefits are obvious. In today’s recovering economy, a trip to Las Vegas may be nothing but a dream to those with struggling disposable incomes. Having the ability to play at online in the comfort of your own home still guarantees the same thrills without the hefty price tag of the flight and hotel charges.

Moreover, from a further financial perspective, playing online doesn’t necessarily mean having to part with one’s money. Many online casino sites today offer new players a free bet, which they can then use to build up a revenue and win bigger prizes. In particular, this has proven popular in online blackjack – while those who indulge in more complicated games like poker may like to take riskier bets with higher stakes, a free bet is often the preserve of blackjack players.

The land-based casino experience may be second to none, but many online sites are now working to bridge this gap. A recent development in the online casino world is that of live dealers, in which real human players can be seen on screen dealing cards. For a game which relies heavily on the hands of the dealer, online blackjack has been doing particularly well out of this.

Online gaming has proven so successful that even former video games giant Atari is re-inventing itself with new online casino games. The thrill of holding a deck of cards may be irreplaceable for some, but with the developments in today’s technology, it’s no wonder that modern gamblers are turning to online blackjack.

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