Rhythmbox Guitar Tab Search Is Back

Yep yep.The tab-rhythmbox-plugin, my favorite plugin of all time, is back. I wrote about how it broke after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 way back, which means that until now, I’ve been living without integrated guitar tabs in my music player. Not a HUGE deal, but the convenience was nice if you wanted some tabs on the fly instead of having to open a browser and actually search for the tabs yourself (horrors!) It all comes down to instant gratification, and if you have to actually open two things to accomplish one thing…well no one wants any part of that.

Anyhow, we had nice comment the other day from one of the developers letting us know that the project is still alive and well. Not only that, but I can confirm that this plugin now works in Ubuntu 12.04. The plugin pulls tabs in seconds from sites like Ultimate-Guitar, AZchords and Lacuerda and when tabs for Godspeed! You Black Emperor pop up, you pretty much have a winner.

The latest version 0.5 was released around March 2012, which is about a year since the previous release back in March of 2011. Ubuntu 11.04 was released back in April of 2011, which is when it stopped working for me, which correlates with the release dates.

So, if this plugin is of any interest to you, please visit the project page for release information and installation instructions. Here’s a screenshot:

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