Tron:Legacy is a Giant Turd

tron guyI cannot believe how anyone could ever expect Tron: Legacy to be even remotely good. First of all, it’s a sequel, so STRIKE ONE. And secondly, it’s in Three Dee, which already tells me that more effort was put into the effects than the script. I will not even bother elaborating on that point since it should be obvious enough to anyone who breathes.

Ok, let me give it to you straight. I haven’t seen this crap movie because seriously, who needs to? I already gave my $14 to see Avatar (THE most overrated turd on the silver screen ever) and will not make the same mistake with Tron. No way. With Avatar you had these 3D blue feces aliens running around spouting shallow self-righteous vomit all over the screen. Tron will be exactly the same, except the shit will be glowing and all neon.

Tron: Legacy is going to be about as good as Tron-Guy looks in his stupid Tron costume. It’s not cute. It’s not kitschy. It’s revolting and horrific!

That’s right. You’re going to feel like your eyes and brain were raped by a fat guy in spandex. Trust me on this one. Tron is going to be an insult to neon feces. And no, it will not make you feel any better about wasting your money on Avatar. So fuck Tron.

And screw you too, Tron Guy!

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