Super Extreme Guest Bobbipins

How about one last Bobbipins for 2010! Oh yeah, punch yourself in the face and get ready, because it’s…

Happy Goddamn New Year

Happy New Year
Slimothy: Happy New…hahaha….what the fuck Rose! You look like shit!
Rose de Lima: That’s not a very nice thing to say, Slimothy! And besides, have you looked in the mirror lately?
Slimothy: OMG! What the hell happened to me!
Rose de Lima: Well, since Dan took a break for the holidays, Mike is drawing us.
Slimothy: GAWD…this is horrible…
Patrick: Happy Birthday you bastards!
Rose de Lima: Hey Patrick! It’s New Years!
Slimothy: hahahaha!
Patrick: Huh? Oh…BLLARGH!
Slimothy: ahahaha!
Rose de Lima: Sigh…it’s not even 8pm Patrick…
Happy New Year! From BFO and The Bobbipins!

4 thoughts on “Super Extreme Guest Bobbipins

  1. Wow, Mike, great job drawing the Bobbipins! I barely even noticed the difference, your artistic talent is AMAZING!

    *Dan, please come back. Soon.*

  2. Who needs Dan anyway? We all know that Mike is the brain behind all the good stuff.

    (Punch Dan in the face for me please!)

    Happy New Year to BFO and all the BFOers!!!

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