Totally Yuri-G

Yuri Gagarin, man! Has it been 50 years already since he orbited the earth in his Vostok spacecraft cannonball? Yes it has.

And speaking of sausages, just before Yuri Gagarin blasted off on his historic flight he had this conversation with the chief rocket designer:

“There in the flap you have dinner, supper and breakfast,” he said.
“Got it,” said Gagarin.
“You’ve got sausage, candy and jam to go with the tea,” Korolyov said. “Sixty-three pieces – you’ll get fat! When you get back today, eat everything right away.”
Gagarin replied: ‘The main thing is that there is sausage – to go with the moonshine.”

See, even then it was all about sausages. You just don’t get more hardcore than those 1960’s Soviet era space missions. Except maybe for 1960’s Soviet era open casket funerals for cosmonauts who didn’t make it back alive, namely Vladimir Komorov. But I digress.

So I guess this can be used as a 50th anniversary birthday tribute for Yuri’s earth orbit, even though it’s mostly about PJ Harvey‘s infatuation with the moon.


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