You wanna win? You gotta fuel like a winner!

So I’m 50-something pounds overweight (250, 6’2″, not healthy). At this point, my beer belly is always in the way, like Randy’s in Trailer Park Boys. I’ve had it. No more cheeseburger gut, no more getting out of breath trying to put on my shoes, no more not finding my penis when I have to pee. NO MORE!

So I’ve decided to share my progress with you, person who arrived on this site by accident while googling for “mostrich people in the world” or something.

Every week, I will post what I did, what I ate, and how many pounds I’ve lost. As usual, I’m mainly going to be sticking to this diet/exercise routine.

So, starting this weekend, no more booze, mostly primal diet (I’ll still give myself 4 meals a week where I can cheat like a pig because hey, pizza) and 30 minutes of various physical activities every day.

We’ll see how it goes. I plan to lose 2-3 pounds a week, which is the healthy amount. If I keep it up, I should be in optimal shape in like 6 months. And only then will you get to see before and after pics of my disgusting hairy gut.

That’s right, you should all pray that I don’t make it.

In the meantime, there’s my “summer of BBQ” series of articles coming. It’s gonna be a bunch of recipes and tips on BBQing. All stuff I learned this summer. It’s gonna be pretty noobish but a fun read I hope.

Later all!



One thought on “You wanna win? You gotta fuel like a winner!

  1. Salut !

    Just found your site thx to the nice posts about the RasPi!

    I am also setting up an OpenElec on my first one and just ordered another one tonight, to play with voip on it.

    Good luck with the diet, started mine on the 18th… See you at under 200.. 🙂

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