Weirdest Android Games

How many apps are there in the Google Play app store? As of June 2012, over 600,000 with 20 billion downloads to date. Yep. That’s what Wikipedia says, so it’s got to be true.

So with that many apps available, making claim to finding THE weirdest games is going to be tough. Still, this is one of the weirdest ones I’ve seen so far:

Arm Surgery 2 by Surgery Games – That’s right. Based on the narrative and accompanying images, determine the state of this girl’s broken arm and then elect to do surgery on it. You get to look at the xrays and everything, even going so far as to choose the correct surgical tools to make the incision and insert the right size titanium splint.

What’s funny about this is that the chain of decisions follow semi-close to HL7 industry standards, so if you’re familiar with that at all (points to self), you may find this app more interesting than weird.

Arm Surgery 2 is actually quite informative, it’s just super weird to see a cartoon scalpel slicing a cartoon arm. Hey, I guess surgeons gotta learn somewhere.

arm surgery scalpel slice

What sucks about this app: The license agreement states that when you accept the agreement, you’ll receive a search icon on your screen as well as on your browser search homepage. This sounds a bit too much like the equivalent to those browser based search toolbars that your parents always seem to have 20 of polluting their Internet Explorers.

You can avoid this by skipping the license agreement if you want.

Something else I don’t like about this app: When you quit the game, it forces you to rate the game. The only way out of this is to return home, then Manage Apps, and force stop it. Note that you’ll find it hiding as a cached background process. Not very cool.

Ok, that’s all the time I have. Other games by Surgery Games include Leg Surgery and the completely unrelated, Tom and Jerry Bowling.

Update: Both Leg Surgery and Arm Surgery 2 have been removed from the Google Play app store. That was fast.


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