Weight Loss Update 2

Well, this has not been a good week either. The beer just keeps finding a way into my fat gut somehow. The good news is, I’ve been eating much healthier and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any parties left until Halloween.

So yeah, I managed to keep things mostly primal for about half the week. On the good days, I was having almonds and fruit for breakfast, huge salads for lunch and grilled chicken, or steak with vegetables for dinner. Despite all the beer and the total lack of physical activity, I still managed to lose a couple of pounds!

So here are the numbers:

Week 0: 244 lbs

Week 1: 245 lbs

Week2: 243 lbs

This week I’m very motivated. I’m going for 5 days of 100% primal eating and 3 days of exercising. Gonna start slowly with sets of squats and pushups and some hiking.

If everything goes according to plan, there should only be one pint of beer entering my body. We’ll see…

See you guys next week. Wish me luck.

– D

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update 2

  1. I stumbled upon your blog (tag Mediatomb / serviio)

    Going tough the same painful process myself i wish you strong & enduring will (i don’t believe in luck for these matters…)

  2. Thanks man.

    It shouldn’t have to be painful but I’m definitely going to need discipline and focus. (I’m writing this while sipping on a glass of vodka and orange juice, go me).

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