Weight Gain Update

Wait what?! Weight “GAIN”?!!?!

That is right. I actually gained 3 pounds last week, despite eating healthier and drinking the same amount of beer (remember that lone pint I was supposed to have? It turned into dozens of bottles! DOZENS!) than the week before. This teaches us 2 important lessons.

The first one is about the complexity of the human body, and how you don’t necessarily get results the way you expect to. So what did I do different this week? I didn’t get a single good night of sleep (I blame EVE online). My average night was 3 to 4 hours long, no naps, nothing. Mix that with no physical activity whatsoever (talk about “starting slow”), and you get a surefire recipe for fat-fuck-edness. Guys, I can’t say it enough, healthy sleep habits (enough of it, and as regular as possible) are as important as a healthy diet and physical activity when it comes to your wellbeing. It’s also key to your mental and emotional health. Oh and stay the hell away from EVE online.

The second, and more important lesson here is, notice how I haven’t been making any real progress since the beginning? And how I still keep posting these updates anyway? Well that’s what real life looks like sometimes. Your intentions are super good but your focus isn’t there, external circumstances keep teleporting you into crazy parties, you wake up in parks, wearing nothing but a clown wig, with red lipstick in weird places, etc. I’m sure you all know exactly what I mean. And after years of fighting my shitty habits, there’s one very important thing I’ve learned: as long as you keep trying, you can’t lose. You only lose when you give up.

Also, keep trying long enough, and you’re bound to find yourself “in the zone”. Then everything changes, and you start getting results. Trust me, that feeling is fucking awesome. Once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll never stop trying to get it back. Even if you take 6 months breaks from time to time 🙂

But enough with the words of wisdom. It’s numbers time!

Week 0: 244 lbs

Week 1: 245 lbs

Week2: 243 lbs

Week3: 246 lbs

I refuse to get any fatter. Mark my words, this week will be awesome.

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