Using Your Nexus S as a TV Remote Control

Yep. Now that I can control my Samsung TV with my Nexus S, I can confirm that we are totally living in the future. Right now.

All you need (If you have an android phone that is, so suck it iPhone people) is the Samsung Remote app. And that’s pretty much it. It’s like I spent my entire life up to now not buying a TV just so that I could finally buy a TV that I could control from my phone. And it all works via my LAN through my wireless router.

I won’t bore you with the features. You know what a regular TV remote looks like, right? Well it’s that. On a phone.






3 thoughts on “Using Your Nexus S as a TV Remote Control

  1. From your phone? Cool. But what happens if the TV isn’t home? Does it go to the voice mail?

  2. how you can install this app to nexus s

  3. @mehran
    There’s a link in the article. Go to it. Install via QR code or direct link.

    If the TV isn’t home it means you’ve been robbed.

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