Unintelligible Wednesdays

Yeah, it might be a new feature!

Since I always post pure gold, I though I’d slack today. Yes, that’s right. No topic, no direction, no nothins. Hell, not even spell checsk. Terrible englishe, etcetsr.

But somehow I feel guilty about it. I can’t give up my punctuation. I can feel that virtual ruler coming down to mangle my fingers like my 1st grade teacher used to do to me. Fine, we didn’t get The Ruler as kids. It’s just me living vicariously through my father. His generation got it bad.

Actually, speaking of unintelligible, something odd happened as I was on my way to get myself a Pad Thai this evening.  I passed a small group standing in front of a hotel, when this early 20’s dude walks up to them all cool-like wearing a winter hat and all. He asks one of them for a smoke, lights it, says, “you folks from around here?”, and then promptly collapses on the sidewalk. Immediately, one of them asks, “Hey, are you ok?” to which he responds, “uh, no” as he struggles with gravity to return to a standing position. The small group retreats back into the hotel while Winter Hat kid props himself against the wall and then takes another drag from his smoke.

Good thing the doorman was there. As for myself, my Pad Thai was awesome.


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