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You know, it almost sucks when everything’s working because when everything works, I have nothing to write about! I mean, that whole Raspberry Pi thing worked out so incredibly with Raspbmc, that I have nothing to complain about or troubleshoot on. It’s a reverse fiasco!

I guess I could get into Raspbmc’s PVR support with Tvheadend¬†and all that, but I’m just not feeling the need. Plus, I have PLENTY of material to watch.

Anyway, I had 10 minutes to kill so I went over to the Play store and checked out the current list of the top ten free Android games. Honestly, I think 5 of them were Angry Birds related, and I will never NEVER play it. I refuse to touch it or look at it. That’s right. I will avoid Angry Birds for eternity exactly how I’ve avoided Top Gun. I’ve held out for a long time, but I refuse to ever subject myself to the music of Kenny Loggins.

Argh so angry now!

Anyway, here’s what I ended up installing:

maze game for androidMaze!: Classic maze game by Opena where you manoeuvre a heavy silver ball through a maze. Nice fake force feedback vibration as the ball hits the sides. You guide it through the maze by tiilting your Android device, making use of the gyroscope. Classic and fun while you’re waiting for the bus or outside Kenny Loggins’ house to give him a beating. Get the game here.


unblock car by Mouse GamesUnblock Car: I give the guys over at Mouse Games credit for not spending more than 3 seconds trying to come up with a name for this game. It’s a fine puzzle game with a little twist and re-dressing of the old sliding block puzzle games of yore. Not bad if you have a couple of minutes to kill in between very important business like trying to decide between Extra Pulp or Pulp Free orange juice. However, to get through that dilemma, just buy one container of each and move on. Install it from the Google Play store here.


burger game by magma mobileBurger: Alright, Burger by Magma Mobile is, well, you make burgers. But you have to do it in the order that they tell you. Like, Bottom bun, lettuce, ketchup, burger, top bun, etc. It kind of makes you hungry while playing it because it’s burgers. Also, there are some PRETTY WHACK BURGERS. Like the only ketchup one and the only lettuce one. What is up with that and who would ever order that? Also, that logo is very very close to the Burger King logo. Mmmm…Tastes like lawsuit. Get it here.

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