This isn’t a Linux Mint review

linux mint logo Just a quick post to say that I have been trying out a shitload of linux distros lately and ended up installing Linux Mint, and I am in love. I had tried Mint a while ago, back when it was at version 3.0 (Cassandra), and although the intention was good, it didn’t quite cut it. There were many small frustrating problems, and the overall look was only “almost awesome”. Now, since I installed version 6 (Felicia), I have not been able to find a single aspect of the distro that I did not like. And my other computer is a mac, so the bar was raised quite high. Everything, from the theme to the functionality of the interface, the ease of use, the update system (aptitude), absolutely everything is tight. Linux desktops often feels like a patchwork of parts that don’t necessarily work well together, and the Mint guys seem to understand exactly what it takes to avoid that. So yeah, just wanted to say I’m very very impressed and I can’t wait to see what those guys have in store when Gloria is released in May.


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