Performance Review Part 2: THE SHOCKING FINALE!!!

Did you miss them? I didn’t. Still, here’s one last fart joke for the road. You might also want to read part one

Performance review 2

You can always check out Part 1 here

6 months later…
Bob: In my office, NOW!
Bill: Yes sir!
Bob: Can you explain this?
Bill: It’s my…performance review?
Bob: Are you fucking kidding me?! It’s a penis drawn company letterhead! WITH YOUR SIGNATURE ON IT! This is not your personal playground! These letterheads cost money. How would you like it if I drew a penis on your paycheck?! HUH?! How would you like that?
Bill: …
Bob: Nah, I’m totally fucking with you. I made it, remember? The day of your performance review? Now get the fuck out of my office.
Bill: …
Bob: And use some of that air freshener! Your office smells like fart.
Bill: ?!

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