The Radiation Juan Chronicles: Prologue

Radiation Juan
Radiation Juan

The Radiation Juan Chronicles are a new semi-monthly feature written by Juan himself. Come along and join him on his dangerous, but mostly disturbing journey.

Born Into The Sun

When I woke up that day, I thought I was blind and that I had a mouthful of cotton balls. Hell, I thought I was dead. My hearing was botched too and well damn, all my senses were absolutely dulled.

I managed to kick the trunk open with the last ounce of strength I had. Ounces…that seemed to trigger some not so long ago memories…we were in a roadside bar…somewhere… But I was alone now, wasn’t I? There was no more “we”…

I crawled out onto the scorched highway, the world seemed coated in saran-wrap. I wasn’t blind after all and my hearing had returned. I did have cotton balls in my mouth though, and I spat the bloody things into my hand and gave them a quick once-over before I discarded them and began to walk…

Chapter 1 coming soon!

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