Super Extra Bobbipins Halloween Special!

Yes my lovelies, because I care very very much for you 3, I decided to make a DOUBLE Bobbipins Halloween special post! IN COLOR!!! Hope you enjoy 🙂

fucked up beef

halloween hobo has a surprise for you

Fucked Up Beef
Slimothy: So then we got kicked back to gold…
Rose de Lima:Which one is that again? Worl of Craft?
Slimothy: Dammit Rose! I told you a million times! It’s…
Rose de Lima: We are here.
Slimothy: Sweet. Gonna have me some of that fukt up beef.
Rose de Lima: Fukt up beef? Come on Slimothy, it’s not called that. Respect the Chinese culture!
Slimothy: But it’s right there on the menu…
Chef Liang: TIU! Fukt up bif! Fuk you up!
Slimothy: See? Chef Liang is all about fukt up beef.
Rose de Lima: WTF?!

My Halloween Hobo
Slimothy: …on the other hand, the Mario 2 we had here in America wasn’t even developed as a Mario in the first place. In Japan it was another game called Doku something something. Which is why it strayed so far from the conventions. I read about it on the net!
Rose de Lima: …
Halloween Hobo: Hey brother, spare some change? I haven’t eaten in weeks!
Slimothy: hahahahah! Nice costume dude! the beard and all! HAHA!
Rose de Lima: Slimothy! This is a poor homeless man!
Halloween Hobo: I’ll give you a handjob for two bucks! Come on! Let’s get freaky!
Slimothy: HAHA! You’re really in character too! The fake puke smell is awesome!
Halloween Hobo: *falls asleep, shits himself*
Slimothy: Whoa!Incredible fake diarrhea! AHAHHAHAHA!
Rose de Lima: Blerg! *throws up*


5 thoughts on “Super Extra Bobbipins Halloween Special!

  1. wow have to be careful, otherwise, you’ll get your hopes up with all them nice colors and carefully drawed shadows…you might believe we’re actually three to read ’em!

  2. You mean you’re only one guy with different email addresses?


  3. Hey dude, you are a fuckin’ artist man.

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