Summer Pasta Ostrich Stylings

sundried tomato pesto ostrich pastaLook at all that pasta! Look how it tilts crazily towards you! It’s mesmerizing and that’s what happens when Dan, Mike, and a bunch of food ingredients hang out.

The plan was like last time: cook dinner, and come up with a new Bobbipins storyline. And you know what? I’ll save you the goddamn suspense and just say that the plan worked, ok? Three times in a row we get together with the idea of eating and brainstorming, and all three times we came away with gold.

So yeah, if you want your dinner to look just like that delicious, succulent bowl of pasta over there, this is what you gotta put into a saucepan on medium high:

a few teaspoons of olive oil
1 diced small onion and 2 cloves of crushed garlic (when these guys are golden brown, add the following)
1 red bell pepper
some mushrooms (sliced)
half a fresh tomato
pepper (use your intuition)
salt to taste

Now about the salt…well, I don’t have any! But under the pressure, Dan grabbed a handful of salted cashews and crushed them into the mix. It was a close call, but supper was saved!

So while all this was going on, there was a big pot of fusili pasta on the boil. It’s really boring to talk about, but it happened, ok?

Now that your mix of vegetables and onions and shit are nice and cooked, here’s the best part: stir a few heaping tablespoons of quality sundried tomato pesto. The one we used was called “pesto rosso“. Yeah really. If you can’t find that specifically, just use a quality pesto and you can’t go wrong.

And you know what? You just made a sundried tomato veggie sauce that’s ready to be mixed into your fusili, which is ready now if you timed it right! Did you time it right? DID YOU?

Now eat it. It’s delicious.

6 thoughts on “Summer Pasta Ostrich Stylings

  1. Why, why, why? How come we always end up at Mcdonald’s when you come to my house Dan?? When Mike is around you go for these awesome recipes. You know what… I like to eat good food too! Thanks for the recipe though!

  2. wow, that’s a nice recipe to share. and very easy too. i think i’ll try this one, including putting salted cashew nuts 😉 thanks for sharing!

  3. Mono – Tell me if Dan takes you to McDonalds again, and I’ll kick his ass.

    Sam – Thanks for visiting! Let us know if you tried it and how it turned out!

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