Summer Lobster Sandwich

This ain’t no lobster roll, so if you’re willing to suffer a bit and put in the hard work, this may be the absolute best lobster sandwich you’ll eat all summer!

cool Lobster costume

Lobster Sandwich Ingredients:

– A whole lobster (I got a frozen one because the “fresh” ones looked rotten)

– One big radish

– A half sweet red pepper

– A half branch of celery

– A quarter of an apple

– Some lettuce


Cream cheese

– Your favorite multigrain bread


First, crack open every part of that bastard lobster in order to extract the sweet sweet flesh from it. If, like me, you had to buy a frozen one because the fresh ones didn’t look so fresh, best way to un-freeze it is to boil water in a big pot and just when it’s ready to explode, turn off the stove. Put the lobster in the water for a good 10 minutes. That should do the trick.

Cut everything real small, mix with mayo until you get a nice spreadable texture. Add some cream cheese to the mix to taste. Spread on a thick slice of bread, cover with second slice of bread. Cut in the middle. Serve. Get nipple hardening culinary experience right then and there.

Perfect with a salad made of the rest of those poor veggies and a big glass of homemade iced tea.



— Dan


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