SpaceCat 3D

My quest for the best Android game ever might be over since I discovered Space Cat 3D by Pill Tree. Yep. You’re a cat in space (not completely unlike Nyan Cat) and your mission is to rid this spaceship of its mouse infestation. The playability is actually great and the game uses the gyroscopic features of my Nexus S to the max. And when I say to the max, I totally mean to the max.

Space Cat has lots of amusing sound effects which actually attracts my real life cat, so whenever I play Space Cat 3d, my cat attacks my phone and ends up scratching me. And since my cat is such an asshole who won’t let me review this game properly because he thinks everything is about him, I’ll just attach this here YouTube video which is actually a decent and concise review of the game, which I’ll never play again.

Fucking cats.

Or just watch the Space Cat 3d promo video. It’s got drum and bass and over dramatizes the game:

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