Side Ribs Recipe Poetry

The Internet is full of all kinds of crazy information and sometimes that information comes to you through your favorite IM client. In the form of a poem. Or maybe someone got a little too excited with the Enter key.
Here. Read this in Maya Angelou‘s voice. Or maybe Allen Ginsberg‘s:
but yeah
in case you ever make side ribs
you put foil in a Pyrex plate
put oil in that
then you baste your ribs in yourside rib boy
favorite sauce
put them on the foil
pour some water at the bottom
have an inch
not even
and put onion slices everywhere
cover with more foil
350 Fahrenheit
2 hours
then you take em out of the
1 hour
still covered
let them rest on the counter just
like that
then you take off the cover and
put them back in the oven
425 this time
not too long
20 minutes or so
makes them crispy on the outside
you can add some more BBQ
sauce on them before that last

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