Rewiring A Warlock

Since Ostrich Guitar Labs has an international reputation in the field of quality drunk soldering, we’re constantly being commissioned for all types of repair jobs. This week we tackle a BC Rich Warlock aka THE metal bass.

The problem with this Warlock was that the pickups were working intermittently and were not being affected by the volume control. Well, after taking a look inside this bass, we could clearly see that the issue was with the wiring, and by wiring, we’re talking about this mess:
BC Rich Warlock volume pot wiring

I don’t even know where to begin. Basically the volume pot was completely BURIED in dried glue. The wires themselves wrapped up in a crazy spiral. Who does that? Really.

Anyway, the BC Rich Warlock has a very simple circuit so I’ll keep this post completely uninformative.

The Warlock has the following configuration: 1 single volume control, 1 tone control and two pickups.

The hardest part was scraping out the glue. I had to use knives, pliers and even a spoon (whatever works), but I did it. Nice and clean.

The working circuit for the Warlock now looks like this:

B C Rich Warlock volume and tone wiring

The finished product. Approved once again, by the cat:


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