Raspberry Pi Is Coming

I couldn’t resist any longer because the Raspberry Pi project is just too interesting. The only thing that bites is that it’ll take a few months to actually deliver, which is kind of a drag. Yep. It’s all about instant gratification and waiting is going to feel just like back when I was 8 and I ordered that shitty robot from a cereal box, except hopefully my Raspberry Pi won’t break in 3 seconds like that cheap piece of plastic did.

You can read more about Raspberry Pi on their FAQ page. If you’re too lazy to go there, I’ll tell you in a nutshell:

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer. How small? About the size of a credit card. How much? About 35$ for the expensive version (this one has 2 USB ports). You buy one or express interest in one here.

The unit uses an ARM11 (ARM1176JZFS) processor and will run Debian, so my initial plan is to replace my current energy hogging server with this little guy. The specs state that it can stream 1080p video which makes for an interesting media server possibility.

The plan: replace my Debian LAMP server with Raspberry Pi running Raspbian and XBMC. One thing I’m really looking forward to is the low power usage of the Raspberry Pi. I do love having a server humming along, but for pure efficiency (and no noisy fan!), Raspberry Pi is where it’s at.

That’s enough from me. Have a look at this thing:



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