Project: DIY Clean Boost Pedal

I started looking for a clean boost pedal about a month ago and, when becoming completely overwhelmed by choice, I decided to try and build my own. Now the thing about DIY projects is that you have to act fast or else the the initial excitement of the project will fade, possibly leaving you with 2 things:

1) A dining room table full of various electronics parts.
2) No boost pedal.

Yes, not having something = still having something, and that something is nothing. End philosophical discussion about it.

SO, since I have not yet followed through on this project, but I HAVE bought the parts, I’m putting this here for all of our reader to see as a way to motivate me to complete the project. I’ve even created a calendar reminder that’ll pop up in 1 month saying, “Hey dude. Have you completed your DIY clean boost pedal?” I vow to honestly be able to respond with, “Yes. Yes I have. Now STFU about it.” Functional or not, there’s going to be a full report about it. With a parts list and everything.

Here’s a sample of the current mess on my table. Those of you with keen vision will notice that we’ll be using a 2N5457 transistor instead of the JFET 201 since JFETs have become pretty scarce.

That’s it for now. Happy early holidays!

 guitar pedal capacitors

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