Semi Primal Diet Update

Ok, so what’s it been now? 10 days since I “started” the BFO Primal Diet Challenge. Yeah, great plan: Start a diet just before the holidays.

However, there have been results even though I haven’t entirely given up certain things, like milk and cheese. I have stayed away from the following things: beer, bread and pasta (OK, there was a Singapore Noodles dish that had my name on it the other day).

I have not stayed away from salads, wine, protein and exercise. And my salads have been dressing free except for some black pepper like in the pic below of yesterday’s tomato, radish and sliced almond entree.

So yeah, results after 10 days: 156lbs, and I lost half an inch on my waist or maybe I’m measuring wrong. Is it the result of the lack of bread and beer or is it due to the fact that it’s so freaking cold outside that the body is burning fat trying to stay warm.

The daily minimum 20 minute workout also helps. This includes:

3 sets of triceps pushups, starting at 20 and working up to 50
3 sets of plank, starting with 15 seconds and working up to 45 seconds.
3 sets of situps – do it until it burns. Then when it does, don’t stop and do 10 more.

I also have some old dumbbells that I use for forearm curls and various shoulder exercises.

And that’s it. Is it the exercise or the lack of carbs? It’s hard to say at this point. Also, I tell myself to do the 20 minutes workout everyday but sometimes that’s unrealistic. I’m happy with myself if I can make it happen 3-4 times a week and get the movement elsewhere, like walking, taking the stairs, walking up the escalator and running for the bus. That last one’s tricky, so make sure you’re always late.

Ok, that’s really it. Stay tuned.

primal diet salad

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