Ostrich News: The Ostrich Pillow

Ok, this is so October 2012 but we just found out about it, and it pretty much fits in with our Ostrich News feature,  aka The Feature We Never Write About Anymore Because of That Thing That Happened in Budapest.

Anyway, the Ostrich Pillow is this thing that you wear on your head to help you take naps and re-energize at work or on long trips. A “micro environment” to chill out in if you will. The catch is, a) you need to not be self conscious when you travel, and b) you need to work at a hip enough company that will actually let you take naps. According to the video, napping increases productivity by 34%. Well according to my calculations, only 10% of companies will let you nap on the job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the nap. I just don’t happen to work at a company that’s down with that. And we’re pretty hip.

Before I forget, The Ostrich Pillow was backed on Kickstarter and got its full funding, so there’s a lot of interest. Check out the video which has a hip (by October 2012 standards) ukelele soundtrack.  I have no idea where they’re at with this now, but you can check them out at their aptly and quirkily named website Studio Banana Things.

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