Ostrich News: The $1000 Bodhi Ostrich Laptop Slip

Yours for just a grandWelcome to another edition of Ostrich News, our semi-regular column featuring stylin’ ostrich related tidbits.

This week’s search turned up a strange, but not too surprising find: A laptop sleeve/slip that’s probably worth more than your laptop. Yes, it’s a laptop slip made out of genuine ostrich leather. It’s priced at Nordstrom for $998.00 (before tax, or course) which is probably what it costs per month just to feed a pet ostrich. Well in that respect, I guess turning your birds into bags makes good economic sense while selling them to people with no economic sense.

It comes in three colors: yellow, light blue, and caution orange, as in “caution, your account is overdrawn”. It’s designed for a 17″ laptop too, so if you’ve got a 19″ laptop, do not rush out and buy this bag! Otherwise, you have the all clear to whip out that credit card and start shopping.

Interesting…I can’t believe I’m reviewing a fashion item. We don’t actually have a fashion category here at BFO, and I don’t think we’ll add one. We’ll just file this one under Ostrich News and try to forget it ever happened.

Personally I think it would have looked better with the feathers still on.

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