Ostrich News Returns- Sexy Gaming Edition

Do you love your game more than your joystick? That is the question that has plagued gamers for generations. And by generations, I mean weeks. See, when you log as many hours as I do on my xbox/ps3/360/ well, you want comfort. But do you also want style? You do, huh?


That’s right. Premium Style can only be said with real ostrich leather. Why is ostrich leather THE leather of choice? Why does it always sound so regal when someone says it? And why are they putting ostrich leather on everything? Why? Because ostrich paraphernalia rocks and gives us here at BFO something to write about.

That’s why you need this: The Hoon vs. Neo Legend joystick with ostrich-leather finish.

Hoon vs. Neo Legend ostrich joystick

How badly do you want to wrap your hands around this sexy joystick? The hardware apparently comes from Sanwa Denshi, Japanese arcade components manufacturer, so we’re talking about durable arcade style lacquered panelling. And Hoon’s joystick is also compatible with the 360, ps3, and the Xbox.

So save your ostrich dollars! This joystick is coming out February 18th from Hoon and is probably going to cost you more than if you flew to South Africa, killed an ostrich, gutted it, ate it, and paid someone to skin and tan it.

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