Ostrich News: Ostriches to save planet!

Welcome to another installment of Ostrich News!

Ostrich News is a periodic feature where we run a magical Google search for the word ‘Ostrich’ and see what comes up.

Well it looks like our feathery freaks are out in force helping the world survive the H1N1 ‘outbreak’. I’m still not sold on this whole ‘pandemic’ thing, so for this article I might be using quotation marks alot.

Back to more important matters. This dude in the most germophobic nation of the world, aka Japan, has found that face masks lined with ostrich antibodies are actually more effective  than regular facemasks. How do they know this?

Well, Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, a Japanese researcher, found out that ‘H5N1’ infected birds (not to be confused with H1N1 or Swine Flu) survived after being injected with ostrich antibodies. The group of birds not injected with the antibodies bit the dust.

So based on that research, Tsukamoto started producing face masks lined with ostrich antibodies, of which he’s sold around 12 million or so since last year. Now don’t think this is just one guy making all that money. They’re selling them through Ostrich Pharma Corp. Check out their website here if you can read Japanese.

Anyhow, that’s all I really care to say on the subject, but check back often for more Ostrich News. Hopefully next time it’ll be more entertaining, like about some jerk getting a beat down from an ostrich at the zoo because he didn’t show any respect for an animal 5 times his size. Some people eh?

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