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Daryl and Ossie matey!Hey mate! I don’t need to explain, but the only reason I’m posting the following video is because Hey Hey It’s Saturday came up in my latest Google search for ‘ostrich’.

It seems that Australia’s longest running T.V. show Hey Hey It’s Saturday will be coming back in 2010, and will be hosted by Daryl Somers who hosted it for its entire 27 year (!) run. The show ended in 1999.

But since this is BFO, we’re interested in the Ostrich News portion. Do you see Ossie Ostrich there on the left? Ossie was hugely popular in Australia. So much so, that an Ossie puppet now lives in the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra. You can say he (or she, I have no idea) was like the Australian Big Bird or something, but with actual comedic talent. Big Bird needed a serious beatdown in an alley. Still does.

Incredibly, in all those years that Hey Hey was on, I have never heard of the show, Daryl Somers, or Ossie Ostrich. Maybe it never made it to North American airwaves. I’m glad I found this though, and through the magic of the internest, I can catch up on 27 years of off color jokes and various puppet shenanigans. Ah yes, the ’70’s. A time of comedic freedom before the politically correct militants starting breaking heads over the slightest  perceived offense.

Here’s a clip from you tube. Check out 1:41 for some hilarious masturbation jokes! Seriously, I laughed.

Addendum: The original video has been removed (thanks bastards!). So here’s a replacement clip which is so much worse than the original one but at least includes an Ossie Ostrich and Johnny Depp face-off. Enjoy. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Ostrich News: Hey Hey It’s Saturday

  1. I grew up with this show being a Sydney-sider. It was originally a kids morning cartoon show that grew in maturity as it’s audience grew and changed to a PM slot. The vinyl cover you used there in that shot actually is in my garage somewhere! It’s pretty lame but makes it even funnier by today’s sad standards. You are right about political correctness gone wrong and this show is in for a rough ride as when they are not politically correct they are down right funny! Looking forward to seeing it on the telly again. Oh… and I doubt the Yanks will ever get this on your TV as you lot just wouldn’t get half the references. Your TV stations over there wouldn’t want it’s viewers having to work it out. Sad really as I know Americans would like it.
    .-= Brian Costelloe´s last blog ..Horse Riding =-.

  2. Anybody who nos where I can buy ossie ostrich plush soft toy from hey hey it’s Saturday please contact me on my email address.thanks.

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