Ostrich News: Crochet Baby Ostrich

Today I got the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!! (other than those also awesome socks and pyjamas). Handmade stuff just makes me so fucking happy. I mean, check this out, isn’t it the loveliest thing?!


Oh and uh, in other news. Mortal Kombat, L.A. Noire and The Witcher 2. Three great fucking games. How’s that for a tiny review? 😉

Anyway, I’m preparing something crazy awesome for the very very near future, so stay tuned. (HINT: It has a hobo and puke in it).


— D


4 thoughts on “Ostrich News: Crochet Baby Ostrich

  1. Is this from MO? Man, she’s always miles ahead of me, ’cause you know, I only gave you a Fender (ok, Squier) neck for your Snake Bass. Next year I’ll give you a genuine Fender neck then we’ll see who’s gonna get laid!

  2. No it wasn’t her. And nobody got laid. Now get the fuck out of my office.

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