Ostrich News: Chandler Ostrich Festival!

Hold on to your big fat feathery butts, because here comes the Chandler Ostrich Festival!

That’s right. It’s all happening in Tumbleweed Park in Chandler, Arizona, THIS WEEKEND. So if you don’t have your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Get on the nesterwebs, book a flight, book a room, shave your eyebrows, get some face paint and head on down to the Ostrich Fest!

Seriously though, this has been happening annually for 22 glorious feather-filled years, and it’s not just about Ostriches (although we dig them, yes we do). It’s about Medieval Jousting, Wild Monkeys, Amateur Boxing, Archery, Music, and even a petting zoo!

“But Mike O, is there more than that? I don’t wanna go all the way down there for nothin'”

Hell yeah, there’s more! How about The Freakshow Deluxe? Yeah, now we’re talking.  If the words Freak and Show don’t make you put your pants on backwards (on purpose), then dude, you are crazy.

And you know what else? It’s dirt cheap! 9$ a day for Adults and that includes concerts! 25$ if you want to go on the rides, which is still a steal.

And did I mention that they have Ostrich Races? No? well they do. Just look at them! It’s like Joust, only better pixelated.

Wow, there are just too many attractions to mention here, so check ’em all out on the official site now. I know I posted the link up there somewhere, but right now, my head is exploding from too much ostrich!

It’s all going on this weekend!

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