Osada Sleazy Interactive Music Video

osada sleazy mexican outlaws bonfire guitarsThose crazy guys over at Amanita Design have a relatively new online game. Osada is billed as an interactive music video but it’s just another point-and-click game like Samorost and Machinarium.

The difference is the music, which is Spanish/Mexican themed as opposed to the music in Machinarium and Samorost which was more ethereal and mind meltingly New Age. In a good way.

The goal is to point and click your way through the various levels which are populated with sleazy Mexican outlaw dudes who are sometimes equipped with guitars, ping pong paddles or bottles of tequila. Like Machinarium and Samorost, there’s a high level of surrealism. Osada isn’t as visually pleasing as those two, but it’s some well put together stuff even if the puzzles are more obvious and less intuitive than previous games.

Have fun.


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