Playing Poker Games on this Internet

The doctor is inWell, old Dobson has entered the 21st century and is trying his brittle arthritic hand at some good old fashioned card games on the Internet. Everything was quite muddy to these wise old eyes so I called up my nephew Royston for some advice.

After he hung up on me, I waded into this affair that one calls “Googling” and I’ll be honest with you. When I first heard about Googling, I thought it had something to do with cricket, that violent old game that left me with some permanently bruised privates. In fact, Googling open up a wide world of information! Now I have traveled the world far and wide, but this Internet has taken me to places that I never dreamed possible. Primarily my den, where my personal computer is located.

At any rate, a few months back, when Royston was still talking to me, he installed something called Linux on my personal computing device. He said it was for my own good as I had contracted a “virus” which he said was not unlike the clap, which I certainly have some amusing tales about, but which shall be stowed away until a later date. This “Linux” would act like a sort of digital prophylactic and keep my personal computing machine from having to visit the doctor (aka Royston).

Alright, now what was I here to talk about again?

Right. Gambling on the Internet. Well it seems that you could play poker and other casino style games on the computer without having to suffer the embarrassment of getting kicked out of one of those hoity toity establishments every single time you visit one. Royston programmed my computer to use Wine so that I can call up something called a Poker Stars Client which doesn’t normally run on this Linux, but now it does because of the Wine. Well let me tell you, that most things do run better with wine, namely yours truly (big deliberate wink).


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