New Features In Ubuntu 12.04 That Might Make It Suck Less

precise pangolin logoOk ok. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to write about Ubuntu again, especially after that whole 11.10 wireless issues fiasco. However, I’m hearing some rumblings that might just make 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) a better release.

First of all Ubuntu 12.04 will be released on April 26, so we’ve got a month to go and not much will change in the release between now and then. Also, Canonical will release 12.04 ready or not as they always do, so I fully expect a few bugs. Seriously, with the last few releases, the bugs have almost seemed like features. Anyway, some new things are:

1. Banshee will be replaced by Rhythmbox: Yep, I complained about this a few releases ago. Banshee is just awful, so good riddance. I’ve been using Rhythmbox instead, but that cool guitar tab plugin STILL doesn’t work on 64-bit. Maybe it will this time around.

2. Availability of Gnome Classic: Yes, Unity is still alive and sucking hard, but Gnome Classic will be available to use. I mean, it always was if you installed it, just that in 12.04 Unity 5.8 won’t be forced down your throat like it was in 11.10.

That’s it. We’ll see how this turns out in a month.

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