Synergy Flakes!

Ancient Grain Whose Time Has ComeRemember this guy? He’s the “Ancient Grain Whose Time Has Come“. Look how hip he is with his piercings and studded belt and everything!

Well, let me tell you. I came across these here Synergy Flakes, complete with 8 ancient grains! 8 of ’em! How could I not pick up a box for a little cereal review? I had to give Nature’s Path another chance, since the last time I reviewed one of their cereals, I concluded that the box tasted better tan the flakes themselves. That cereal sucked.

ancient grains synergy flakesI’m happy to say though, Nature’s Path Synergy ain’t bad. But the trick is, eat with some fruit or something. On their own, they’re a little bland. Those grainy, ancient grains need a little help in the modern world. Sort of like helping your parents with the Internet, or trying to explain the latest meme to your grandfather. What I’m getting at is, cover them in milk and fruit until they don’t taste like the box.


Get a bowl
Open the box
Fill up the bowl halfway
Put in some raspberries (like I did just like on the box! Or are those strawberries? I can’t tell!)
Pour in a bunch of milk. 2%, 1%, 0%, soy. Whatever.
Drink it right from the bowl. Cause fuck spoons.

It should look like this:
raspberries in cereal

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