My W380 is a Portable Heater

Mine's the grey oneSo my Sony Ericsson W380 has been acting up lately. It’s really a great phone with few problems, but recently the battery started discharging when I shut the phone off!

What happens: After you turn off the phone, it starts to heat up. When you turn the phone back on, the battery is drained.

Well, that pretty much sucks monster moose cocks. It really is too bad that our technological crap is built to last for as long as it took me to make that avocado/cheese/tomato/zucchini sandwich that I just ate (which was awesome, thank you very much).

So, I grudgingly called my cell phone people. Grudgingly because, you know what it’s like: Call, wait, be on hold, talk to someone who may or may not know what they’re talking about. I got lucky this time though. I got through quickly and the customer service agent person forwarded my call to Sony Ericsson since they don’t deal with the W380 anymore. Nice.

Anyway, long story short, the guy at Sony Ericsson actually helped me out (although he had the personality of someone who just had a chloroformed rag shoved in his face). I followed his instructions carefully:

  • Hold the power off button while simultaneously taking out the battery.
  • Keep holding the power button for 20 seconds
  • Finally, put the battery back in and power on your phone.
  • Stir
  • Serves one

And that’s it. My W380 hasn’t turned into a worthless brick yet, but we’ll see how it goes in the next few weeks.

And no, I am not getting an iPhone, so stop asking me already! I mean it. Seriously, now go away.


3 thoughts on “My W380 is a Portable Heater

  1. Ok ok, you don’t want an iPhone. Fair enough. I just want to point out that the iPhone allows you to take a picture of your testicles (every phone can I know, keep reading), use the Mulletizer (TM) app on it and then add it to my contact. That way, whenever I call you, you see a pic of your testicles sporting a cool blonde mullet! There’s also a fart piano Mike… A FART PIANO!!!!

    But it’s up to you.

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