My track by track review of the latest Daft Punk album

Track 1 – Shit
Track 2 – Shit
Track 3 – How dare they? There are awesome musicians out there, getting turned down left and right by labels
Track 4 – Shit
Track 8 – Shirt! I inserted an R, to keep things exciting.
Track 10 – Ten? Really? Where are you guys from again? belgium or switzerland or some other french speaking european trash-sauna-country? Well let me tell you something, Didier the mime, where I’m from, shitting in someone’s ear ten times in a row is considered a good reason to punch him in the throat. Plz stop.
Track 11 – Do I really need to go on? By now it should be crystal clear to even our most retarded readers that I fucking loved the album. Every note is a stroke of genius. Oh and if I seemed harsh earlier, it was just me pushing the hipsterism to it’s absolute breaking point. I loved every second of the damn thing. Really. I did.

Peace out

daft punk Random Access Memories album cover


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