Movie Review: District 9

District 9 signI finally saw District 9 today and I have to say that I was completely pleased with the plot, acting and overall look of the film. The director avoided the sparkling Hollywood sheen in favour of a dirtier look while making good use of the hand-held camera. No doubt it’s not a Hollywood flick. This is a South African production which pulls plenty into its plot from its own unstable past (present).

I’d love to go ahead and spoil the movie here (come on, you must know what it’s about by now), but I’m just not that kind of reviewer. Let’s just say that District 9 is kind of like Independence Day, Cry Freedom, Iron Man, and Robocop all rolled into one (without the crappy over-the-top attitude of Independence Day). The aliens are awesome in their streamlined cthuluesque way. The acting is tight and the faux doc style is believable. I fully bought into it. Go see it or pick up a copy and see for yourself.


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