Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is totally addicting!

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Pro Plus Chrome Double Premium Platinum XTREMEWhen I got my PSP, the dude who sold it to me was all proud to tell me that I’d be “getting FIFA 2008 with it for free!” I tried my best to look happy about it. Then I ran to the store to buy something else. A game that kept popping here and there in PSP discussions was Capcom’s Monster Hunter. Best selling in Japan? Got monsters AND hunting in it? Got big guns and even bigger swords? Costs 40 bucks? HOW COULD I RESIST!??!?!? So I went and bought the “Freedom Unite” version,  because a bunch of nonsensical words at the end of a game title always makes me giggle.

I won’t lie to you, at first I was a bit disoriented. The interface is a little dry, the font they use feels amateurish, and I’m not sure at all about the haircuts. But I persevered. I equipped my dude, picked a quest and went on my merry way. And that’s when I got raped by a posse of mammoth-like creatures. Then I learned about time limits, armor crafting and enhancing, fishing, bug catching, mushroom gathering, etc. The game is complex, the learning curve is somewhat steep, but man it’s rewarding. AND addicting! I’m now working toward killing my first “real” monster. I almost got him the last time, but I think I’m gonna have to use traps and lures and a sniper bowgun. A big sword just doesn’t cut it. Ha ha. Cut it. Oh and they say the game really comes alive when you play online with friends. I haven’t tried that mode yet but I will soon. I have a feeling this could easily become like a real MMO experience all in the palm of my hand! And I can totally dig the idea…

So if you’re looking for a deep, rich RPG experience full of danger and action, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP might just be it.



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