Mobile Games: Awesomely Terrible Rip Offs

Gaming has gone mobile, but it’s not really regulated. What this means is that existing copyrights can be forgotten about for extended periods of time. If a game designer doesn’t pay attention to copyright laws, then chances are it’s because that have no clue what they are doing. People like that generally make pretty terrible video games, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth playing. I will give you a break down of some rip offs from the awesomely terrible to the just terrible. Trust me. The last one is a doozy.

Beaver’s Revenge: By Twisted Games. It’s a simple launch game just like Angry Birds. The beavers are seeking revenge because lumberjacks have invaded their homes, so to get revenge the beavers launch fish at the lumberjacks, instead of themselves. The slingshot is the tail, but for some reason it still sounds like the slingshot on Angry Birds.

What makes this rip off better than the next rip off? The extra features. In this game, you can crush zombies, aliens, and leprechauns; and Twisted made different outfits for the beavers to wear. This one is free, so it might be worth downloading if you don’t already have Angry Birds.

Hedgehog Adventure: By hare. So this looks eerily similar to another cartoon hedgehog that spins, and the music also sounds familiar. Drawing a blank? He’s blue, and has sold over 85 million games. It’s an obvious play on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.  The difference is in the game play.  Instead of trying to beat a group of villains, Cool Hedgehog is just trying to eat and complete the level. Okay, there are two more strikes: Its name is Cool and one of the goals is to eat. The description on gives you a better idea of the concept:

“Cool Hedgehog is very hungry. Help him to JUMP and RUN through the beautiful worlds to find foods… Help Cool Hedgehog to find all Strawberries, Nuts, Apples and Grapes in the dangerous forest… Become a Great Hero Adventurer.”

All-in-all this is far from the worst, because the game does look like it might be a little fun to play for a short period of time. Plus it’s free.

Sexy Lifeguard Day Job: The Bombshell Saving Teens Lives: By Solution Mobile Sexy Inc.  Longest name ever. This game is a rip off, of a rip off, of a rip off. I can’t even begin to name the games that this game rips off. First off, no one has ever made a good lifeguard game. It’s so bad, even David Hasselhoff wouldn’t play this. But then again why would a guy that has his own themed slot machine called The Hoff ( play anything but his own game?

This one isn’t even close to being terribly awesome. It’s just plain terrible, which is why it ended up so far down the list. I do not recommend downloading it, unless your intention is to put it on someone else’s phone.

Super Monster Bros: by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games. Without looking at anything but the name, you can get a solid idea of one of the games this rips off. Oh yeah, like I said earlier, this one is the doozy. It’s a double rip off. This game rips off both Super Mario Brothers and Pokémon, and it’s super obvious. During the game it also tries to get you to pay astronomical amounts for basic things. Just watch the video made by the guys at

Best Quote: “We might have the garbage to end all garbage.”There was so much wrong with this that it is actually no longer available.  Not really sure why, but the best guess would be for copyright infringement. There’s not really anything else I can possibly say about that game, other than that it is The Single Worst Rip Off Mobile Game of All Time. The only reason why it’s not awesomely terrible is the fact I can’t download it. Playing a terrible game is like playing Smell This in the locker room, or pushing a button that says don’t push. We all have to see what makes it so bad.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it; just go with it.

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  1. Interesting, I supposed this is not an online game? I used to play a game called Paradise Cove on my ipod but the disadvantage of playing an online game is that I can’t able to play the game if I am not connected to the internet. 🙁 Is this available in android?

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