Mexiburger Club Sandwich

Holy fuck, whenever it’s too cold to go outside, I have to invent new dishes from all the shit left in the fridge, because, fuck going outside right?

So for this one, all you need is:

– 3 slices of bacon
– A hamburger patty
– 2 toasted pieces of white bread
– Baseball mustard
– Mayo
– Super spicy salsa
– One (1) Kraft Single

So, you put the bacon in a frying pan. When it’s sizzling, you put the patty in so it cooks in the bacon grease.

While all that’s going on, put the bread in the toaster. When the patty is almost ready, leave it in the frying pan, turn the fire off and put the Kraft Single on top of it. When the toasts come out put mayo on a slice and mustard on the other. Put bacon on each of them. Then put the patty with the cheese in between and pour some salsa on it. Cut the thing in half and enjoy!

Here’s what it looks like:

mexiburger club sandwich


2 thoughts on “Mexiburger Club Sandwich

  1. I also like to experiment with food on a cold day. For instance, today on the way home from work I stopped off at the Wendy’s drive through. I bought Combo #1 with a Diet Coke. When I got home, I drank some of the Diet Coke and topped the cup with rum. Perfect end to the day. And perfect start for the night.

  2. “When the patty is almost ready, leave it in the”

    Leave it in the what? Come on, I can’t take the suspense!

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