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ubuntu maverick meerkatI’ve been wanting to write about my last upgrade for weeks and weeks, but we got all freaky with a bunch of Bobbipins posts instead!

So finally, after weeks of anticipation, here it is: My extensive review about upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10 aka Maverick Meerkat.

It went real smooth.

Seriously. That’s all I got. Each subsequent upgrade with Ubuntu becomes easier and easier, which really translates into boringer and boringer! I don’t know…it’s like the whole OS is so stable at this point, it just makes me want to yawn. Maybe I need to install Beryl or Compiz or something.

Anyway. Don’t you feel like punting that meerkat up there?


2 thoughts on “Linux Filler

  1. Wasn’t this latest move a way to make Ubuntu a mainstream competitor? From what I’ve seen each version update makes it more and more simpler to synchronize with Windows based software.

  2. Ubuntu 10.10 wasn’t much of a departure from 10.04. It’s pretty much been as mainstream as it gets since maybe 9.04, at least for users who just want to go internetting and officing. Gamers will still choose Windows because WINE just ain’t a real solution. So yeah, gamers on Unix still feel like eunuchs.

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