Line Rider Proves That I Cannot Draw

Line Rider is highly addictive and can really tap into your creativity. It’s like this: You’re given a blank slate and you start to draw with a pencil tool. When you’re done, press the Play button, and see if the little man on a sled can “Ride The Lines” without crashing or falling into infinity. What you draw essentially becomes the map.

If you’re unclear on the whole concept, your first drawing/map will suck, but probably still be better than my best map. You definitely need to spend some time with this game to get a feel for the physics of the game which really is a great concept with infinite possibilities.

I won’t be adding any of my works of art here, so just trust me on this one when I say that they’re not worth seeing. Just check out this video for an example of just how much you can do with Line Rider when the creative juices start flowing. The only limit is your creativity. Insane.

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