Latest Raspbmc Update and XBMC 12.0 RC2

xbmc 12.0 frodo raspbmc rc5And just in time for New Years, we have another Raspbmc update including XBMC 12.0 (Frodo) RC2.

I’ve still been flipping between OpenELEC and Raspbmc, but this latest Raspbmc update is really feeling fast and snappy. Don’t get me wrong, because OpenELEC is a really fast and minimal OS. I really can’t complain, especially when coupled with a minimal skin like Quartz. However, the lure of a huge update got me to try out the latest Raspbmc and set the installation in motion before heading out last night.

When I got back home after almost freezing my eyeballs (why is it always negative 1 million on New Year’s Eve?), I set the video sources and let the library update while I slept away the New Years drinks that never actually materialized into any kind of hangover.  When I woke up, I had a freshly installed Raspbmc to try out.

And it’s fast. Really fast.

I remember when I thought RC3 was fast and I was willing to put up with some lag and attribute that to my Raspberry Pi’s 256 MB of RAM. Now, all around great performance. Even with the default Confluence skin. In fact, I could happily browse around on using Confluence where that used to be more of a chore before setting the skin back to Quartz.

Oh yeah. About the skins. There are almost none in the skins add-ons list so I downloaded the Quartz skin (Version 4!) and used the old “Install from Zip file” since I haven’t added any repositories yet. How do you add repositories anyway? Like this that’s how.

And that’s all I have to say about it for now. Solid update from the Raspbmc team and worth the complete re-install.

Update: As Raspbmc gets ever closer to its final release, a celebration is in order. That’s why the guys over at raspbmc are having a little contest giveaway. Yes, you can win a Raspbmc media center just by liking their Facebook page and leaving a comment on their homepage.

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