Left Speechless By Black Dub

Finally got me a copy of Black Dub, the 2010 Daniel Lanois project featuring vocalist Trixie Whitley. So as I sit here trying to digest four (4) falafel pitas on which I just gorged, I’m surprised that I’m listening to it for the second time in a row!¬† I truly can’t remember the last time I listened to a new album twice in a row. Yes, the album is just that good.

The band is made up of the usual cohorts i.e., Lanois, drummer Brian Blade and the awesome Daryl Johnson grooving on his Gibson EB. And of course Trixie Whitley, daughter of the late Chris Whitley, singing with just so much soul and clarity.

The album is kind of a mix of soul, funk and rock treated with that Lanois production value that is so familiar, yet he always manages to pull off something new. I caught a few melodies that had their roots in Belladonna, or maybe  it was Rockets. Still, with this bands chemistry, great things new happen. Which is where I stop trying to make sense of it and just accept this album for the greatness that it is.

Black Dub is one of those albums that feels so right when you listen to it in its entirety, and not as samples. Listen for yourself, then go buy it.

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