How to make a Huge Salad

We’ve been thinking about it and have come to the conclusion that maybe the Big Salad is underrated. Maybe it’s time for the big salad concept to move over and make way for the Huge Salad!

When it comes down to it, any salad takes only about 5 minutes to prepare and that’s really not a big deal if you want to have a healthy meal and don’t have a lot of time. So here’s a huge salad recipe and some guidelines on what you can do to make a huge salad for yourself. This salad is full of vegetables and cottage cheese and tuna for protein. This salad will fill you up and is even adequate post-workout.

Side Note #1: The ingredient measurements here are all approximations so go with the flow, do what you feel is right and use this recipe as guidance towards your salad’s final form. Also, when it comes to handfuls, your hand may vary. Let’s begin!

Salad Ingredients

Bag of mixed lettuce greens (maybe it’s not THE freshest way to go but we’re talking about saving time here)
Fresh green beans
Slices of fresh carrot
2 whole endives
1 whole tomato
Handful of sliced radishes
1 can of tuna
2 heaping forkfulls of cottage cheese
Garnish with black pepper.

Add a a few teaspoons of olive oil and stir or shake. Just mix up that salad real good.

Side Note#2: We stay away from prepared salad dressings no matter how healthy the label says they are. As a general rule, processed foods are not good for you and are loaded with sugar and/or salt. The most processed thing we have here is the cottage cheese, and that is for our protein. Got it? Good.

Now eat it like the animal that you are. Enjoy!

endive tuna salad

Huge Salad


2 thoughts on “How to make a Huge Salad

  1. No offence, but that looks like the food they feed the pigs here. lol

    I am a BIG time foodie, that will pretty much eat anything under the sun, but this is a bit disturbing.

  2. If this looks like something your pigs would eat, then sign me up!

    Seriously though, when did my huge salad go “too far”. What did it? Was it the cottage cheese? Give it to me straight, man. I can take it.

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