It’s All True: The Samsung Nexus S Has Awful WiFi

But I found a fix for it.

I just got back from New York City weighing 20 pounds more (huge portions!), and I figured that I needed a new lighter phone. That Sony Ericsson of mine just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So I got an Android (2.3.4) Samsung Nexus S. Which is bigger and heavier. But fuck it. It has WiFi (why five!).

I like the phone a lot but seeing as the Nexus S is my first smart phone, I’m playing technological catchup once again. I know, I’m like 4 years late, so you can all just shut up about it already.

After the initial setup, I installed a few basic apps which have proved helpful:

OI File Manager: This lets you browse the entire file system. Makes it easy to manage and create folders wherever you want to. Pretty much a must have. Just don’t delete /etc.

Droid Comic Viewer (aka ACV, aka Android Comic Viewer): What else do you need to know? Read all your favorite comics with cbr and cbz extensions. Maybe more. Haven’t checked.

ConnectBot: If you need to do ssh and command line crap, ConnectBot is pretty good for all that. Reboot servers remotely at will. For no good reason. Do it for the fuck of it because you can. Fuck it.

Now about the Wifi. Only after receiving the phone did I start to read and learn about all kinds of wifi issues (with the Nexus S and generally a lot of Android phones. You might see messages/errors like, “not in range” or “disabled, secured with wep“. You should probably be using WPA. Long story short, FXR Wifi fixer fixed the problem with my wifi connection dropping and basically not staying connected for more than 3 seconds. Or maybe I had the wrong password.

One issue that is not resolved is that many Android phones cannot connect to a hidden wireless network. So I had to turn on visibility on my router in order to connect from my Nexus S to the wireless network and obtain an ip address. Also, wireless strength is ok at best, but usable.

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