It Might Get Awesome

It Might Get Loud with Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge
It Might Look Like David Suzuki

I’ve always been a fan of Jimmy Page, even when he started to look like David Suzuki sometime in the mid 1990’s.

The Edge had some influence over me on a few of the early U2 albums. Later on, a little less so as my taste’s changed. Achtung Baby was a huge game changer, although it took a lot of people months to warm up to what The Edge was doing at the time.

And I have to credit Jack White with somehow doing new things with well overdone blues classics, as well as original White Stripes stuff. Plus he puts out an album like every 6 months. Jack White is in such a prolific, productive stage these days, he’s like the Stephen King of putting out albums.

Anyhow, all three of them are in It Might Get Loud, which is awesome. They discuss their gear, playing styles, and you know, general guitar geekery. It’s a guitar player’s wet dream is what it is.

It’s a great little doc. For the most part, their egos are in check, and the y all have something to learn from each other.

Go to scene: Jimmy Page getting off on Link Wray‘s Rumble like he’s hearing it for the first time.


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