Is Upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04…Great Success or Great Big Yawn?

12-04 precise pangolin logoWell, Ubuntu 12.04 aka Precise Pangolin was released yesterday. This is a long term support (LTS) release that’s supported until April 2017.

So far I really have very little to say about this. Aside from the almost unassisted upgrade, it was pretty smooth and I haven’t seen any obvious issues yet. I don’t even have any wireless issues which seemed to be the calling card of Ubuntu upgrades. If your wireless doesn’t work after upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04, you might want to try this fix which I posted for Ubuntu 11.04/11.10. It’s helpful in at least pointing you in the right direction.

Anyway. Pretty boring upgrade, which I guess is a good thing. It takes much longer than it should, which is partly my fault for having x-amount of applications installed. The less you have installed, the shorter the upgrade will be, but not by much. I’ve said it before, but Ubuntu is bloated and becoming more sluggish with every update. After using it for a few days I’ll be back with another report.

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The only hitch during the upgrade was getting the upgrade to actually start. You click Upgrade to 12.04 LTS and it just sits there on configuring libc-bin forever. In fact, you need to expand the little terminal window where you’ll see the following:

Services to restart for GNU libc library upgrade

You need to press OK to initiate that, which is kind of silly considering you pressed OK and accepted the terms and conditions to get here, so why wouldn’t you want to just automate this step? Why!

Because life isn’t easy. That’s why.

Aside from that, not much to report. Oh, the menus are a little better organized now. They stuck the Update manager under Administration which is now under System Tools. I’m pretty sure that menu was juggled around.

Rhythmbox is also the default audio player. Again. It was replaced by Banshee for 11.10 until everyone re-discovered the truth about it: that it sucked.

There’s a slight change in the welcome screen with the huge word PASSWORD added to the password field. It’s quite hideous, but helps if you’re just not sure what a logon screen looks like and where the password actually goes. Seriously guys.

I’m still not using Unity and I’m thankful that this upgrade didn’t force me to re-install Unity. Having choices is what Linux is all about, so I respect the team for respecting the users.

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